SPA and sport

Mineral swimming pool

Our indoor swimming pool is filling with a water from the spring of Vlassa. The pool's length is 10 m, its depth range is from 0.90m to 1.30m.


The overall mineralization of the water is 600-700 mg/l. The temperature of the spring is

 85 ° C. The water temperature is sustained to be between 30° C to 36 ° C. In the swimming pool there is a designated jacuzzi zone where you can take advantage of a pearl and a hydro massage.


Can the kids use the swimming pool?


Our young guests are more than welcome to swim in the pool, only if attended by an adult. The safety of the kids is a responsibility of their parents. The wearing of a swimming cap is not compulsory. However, taking a shower before entering the swimming pool is compulsory.


Is the mineral water healing in the swimming pool?


The mineral water from the spring of Vlassa is recommended for people with:


- skin deseases;

- gynecology problems;

- peripheral nervous system deseases;

- joints and muscule problems;


The use of the pool is for free for every guest of Hotel Romantika.