Palaeontology Museom Pliocene Park in Dorkovo

This museum will appeal to both young and old. Its very building attracts attention and interest in its cylindrical shape and a glass dome. More importantly, Dorkovo houses the largest paleontological field in the Balkans – the fossilized bones of over 30 species of animals.

Various fossils are on display at the museum – fragments of the parts of the shoulder bone of Pliocene Balkan ducks (Balcanas pliocaenica); tusks of a mastodon from Auvergne (Anancus arvernensis), a canine tooth of а Dolichopithecus ruscinensis. A 10-metre diorama was created, representing the flora and fauna of the region five million years ago. There is also a sound system in place, reproducing the sounds of the animals living at that time. A visit to the Palaeontology Museum takes you back five million years back in time. Don’t miss the opportunity.