Lepenitsa Cave

The cave is located about 12 km outside of Veligrad and it definitely deserves the attention. It is naturally divided into three levels. An underground river flows through the first level.  first underground river flows. There are two permanent lakes on the second level and two more lakes appear during torrential rains. The third level is dry, but is not accessible to visitors.

Lepenitsa is astonishing – there were numerous stalactites, stalagmites and stalactons in it. It is also home to six species of bats and another 24 species of animals. The temperature is about 100 C. It is 1,525 m deep. It is situated at 975 m above sea level and has a displacement of 10 m.

Visits are allowed only with special equipment and in groups of up to ten people. It is advisable to ask for assistance and more information at the reception before you go to the cave.