Kleptuza Karst Spring

The Kleptuza Protected Site is located in Velingrad, in the Chepino neighbourhood, on the right bank of Chepinska River. The park entices guests and residents of the city with its beautiful nature and tranquil lake. The place is suitable for walking, and meeting with friends for drinks. There is also a bird and animal observation deck.

Kleptuza is one of the symbols of the city. It is home to more than 285 species of plants, a large part of which are endemic to the place - water hop-hornbeam, Balkan maple, Rhodopes violas; and to a number of animals - deer, rabbits, wild boar, common wood pigeons, jays, woodpeckers, pigeons.

The Saint Iliya Chapel is right next to the park. This is also the starting point for all the tourist walking paths.  From here, there are various paths marked with longer walks. They can take you to places like Sivata Voda (meaning “the grey water” in Bulgrian), Harmanite, Brezite (the birch trees).